School Policies

Attendance Policy
At Woodlupine Primary School we endeavour to provide all students with the best possible education. We can only do this effectively if children attend all, or almost all, school days.
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  Communication Policy
Woodlupine Primary School acknowledges that effective communication is the key to success in building a positive relationship between home and school.

Health Promotion

Woodlupine Primary School supports the community by reinforcing and modelling good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

  Our Success Ladder
We have had a great deal of success in managing student behaviour by supporting them to take ownership of their actions through reflecting on this tool.
Good Standing
Our Good Standing policy supports our approach to recognising the majority of our students who behave in a way that brings credit to themselves, their school and their families.

Risk Management

Woodlupine Primary School will make every reasonable effort to manage risks that threaten to adversely impact upon staff, students, school/community resources or members of the school community.

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