The Woodlupine Primary School has a “Dress Code” as approved by the School Council.

A Uniform Committee set up by the P & C Association handles all matters related to School Uniforms. New and second hand uniforms are available for sale. Parents are urged to send in any old uniform items to the committee when they become too small to use by their children. The Uniform Shop is operated by volunteers, and is located in the Undercover area next to the canteen. The NEW operating hours are as follows:

Tuesday Morning 8.30-9.10am

Thursday Afternoon 2.30-3.15pm


Dowload a copy of Uniform Brochure
Download a copy of the Uniform Shop Order Form
In keeping with the policy document released by the Department of Education & Training of WA (Dress Codes for Students in Government Schools), the Woodlupine Primary School, School Council has drawn up a Dress Code Policy for students at this school.

The School Council believes a School Dress Code will:

  • Foster and enhance the public image of the school
  • Assist in building school team spirit and engender pride in ones school
  • Ensure students are safely dressed for specific school activities
  • Encourage equity among students
  • Prepare for work (many work places have dress and safety codes)
  • Promote good school discipline
  • Ensure students can be identified in a crowded ‘out of school’ environment

Availability of Dress Code Items

  • Items in the designated school colours may be purchased from the school uniform room and is located in the Undercover area next to the canteen.
  • Items can be purchased from any other clothing or department store.
  • Second hand clothes are available at the school.
  • Students whose families may experience financial difficulties regarding the purchase of the uniform should contact the Uniform Committee Manager to discuss the situation.


  • Children who are inappropriately dressed will receive a letter from the school.
  • Children who consistently breach the Dress Code may be excluded from participation in activities such as incursions, excursions, camps, dance, choir and interschool sporting carnivals as most of these activities require a school/sport uniform or a specific uniform.

Informing Parents

  • All new enrolments will be informed, at the time of enrolment, of the school’s expectations.
  • Parents will receive reminders about the dress code via the Newsletter.
  • Enrolment at Woodlupine Primary School assumes an agreement between the parent/guardian and the enrolling student that the student will dress within the guideline of the school Dress Code. Grounds for exemptions can be raised and an agreement reached. If the Dress Code is unacceptable, parents have the right to apply for admission to a school where the dress code reflects their preference.

Exemptions - Exemptions to this code may be granted on health/religious grounds. This is to be negotiated with the Principal.

School Dress Code Requirements

GIRLS Summer/Winter Bottle green polo shirt with yellow flashing and school logo
    Faction polo with school logo
    Bottle green or black shorts/skorts
    Bottle green or black pants
    Bottle green dress with school logo
    Bottle green jacket with school logo
  Sport Bottle green or black shorts/skorts
    Faction Polo shirt school logo
BOYS Summer/Winter Bottle green polo shirt with yellow flashing and school logo
    Faction polo with school logo
    Bottle green or black pants or shorts
    Bottle green jacket with school logo
  Sport Faction polo with school logo
    Bottle green or black shorts or pants
Footwear:   Covered in shoes or sandals with an ankle strap. (Thongs are not permitted)
Hats:   Wide brimmed hats with school logo (available from the Uniform Shop)
Hair:   Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied back.
Jewellery:   Earrings – studs are preferred. Long ornate earrings are not to be worn. No other jewellery should be worn to school.
Make-Up:   Make-up is not permitted. This includes nail polish.
Items not to be worn:   Tank tops, T-Shirts with slogans/messages, black tops, balaclavas, baseball caps or designer clothes.
Please note:   Approved clothing is available from our Uniform Shop.

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