School Board

The Woodlupine Primary School board consists of four staff members, five parent members and two community members. The board meets regularly to support the school staff to provide the best possible education for students as reflected by the needs of the community. That means our board takes part in:

  • Establishing and reviewing the school’s objectives, priorities and policies;
  • The planning of financial arrangements to fund the objectives, policies and priorities;
  • Evaluating the school’s performance in achieving them;
  • Formulating codes of conduct for students at the school;
  • Approving costs and charges;
  • Approves sponsorship or advertising arrangements with external agencies; and
  • Provides advice to the Principal on religious materials or instruction at the school.

Additionally, the Board consults with the community to:

  • Determine a dress code for students whether they are attending or representing the school;
  • Promote the school;

If parents or community members would like to discuss any of the areas outlined above, please contact a parent member of our school board: Phillip Humfrey, Janine Benness or Shannyce Lilydale.

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