A Message from the Principal

Woodlupine Primary School offers a tailored, flexible learning program designed to ensure students become effective 21st Century citizens. We provide an environment that allows students to reach their academic potential, as well as fostering empathy, social responsibility and emotional development. There is a shared concern for students' education and welfare that ensures no student slips through the cracks.


We are a small, independent school, with a hand-picked staff specifically chosen for their ability and skills match the needs of the students. This allows staff, students and community to form the strong bonds of trust necessary for the kind of nurturing environment that allows children to reach their full potential. Teachers are familiar with the quirks and characteristics of their students, allowing them to offer differentiated curriculum, remediation and extension programs to meet the needs of the student regardless of their ability.


Beyond academics, we strive to develop creativity, problem solving, communication and strong character in each of our students, so that they may become complete, well-rounded members of society. We encourage stewardship of the natural environment with our Seed Bank program, nature play facillities and well-maintained grounds.


We welcome your association with our school and hope that you will use this website to become informed about some of our operations and requirements. The information in this website is complemented by updates through Connect and our Facebook page.

Lara Govers

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