Seed Bank




Woodlupine Primary school was very pleased to have Dr Andrew Crawford, from the Western Australian Seed, Centre join us to launch a unique partnership to grow, and harvest seeds from, threatened plant species.

This school is the first primary school in Australia  to support the Australian Seed Bank Partnership.

Our school is committed to developing proactive 21st century citizens who demonstrate the skills and values for success in the 21st century including teamwork, problem solving, creativity, independent thinking and commitment to sustainability.



Our school places great importance on preparing students for the challenges they will face now and into the future. To that end, rather than just read about sustainability, we actively work at it.


Our seed bank project was featured on ABC news and BTN in 2019 and an episode of Gardening Australia in 2020.
We have also featured in the online journal .


Recently our students' work with this project was published in Australasian Plant Conservation.