Digital Technologies

At Woodlupine Primary School, we have recognised the need to foster skills and attitudes that will meet the demands of the 21st century. We strive to support students to become active and engaged citizens who instinctively embrace digital technologies. 

Our school has committed to ensuring students master a variety of digital platforms including ipads, PCs, laptops, and coding technologies.

In 2019, we participated with many other schools in our region in the Lego Robotics competition. Our team was one of the youngest with students as young as year four siezing the opportunity. Miss Jane and parent volunteer, Mr Ashley Barker, trained and supported our students to make a huge effort, narrowly missing the finals.


In 2020, with the generous support of the Forrestfield & High Wycombe Community Bank branches of Bendigo Bank, our school will again offer coding and robotics programs to senior students.


This is yet another 21st Century learning opportunity for students at Woodlupine Primary School.