Road Safety


Parents, please remind your children about wearing helmets when riding to and from school. Let’s keep our kids safe. For more hints and tips go to:



When you cross the road, talk about and practise these steps with your child. Stop at least one step back from the kerb or road. Look in all directions for traffic, not just right and left, but front and back too. Listen in all directions for traffic. Think – is it safe to cross? For more hints and tips go to:


There are numerous resources developed to support parents and carers to help young children develop skills, behaviours and attitudes to become safer while travelling as passengers, pedestrians and users of bikes and wheeled toys. Try here:



Walking to school with your child is a great time to teach them about safely crossing the road and how to spot hazards. For more hints and tips go to:



Once a helmet has been in a collision or dropped from a height it should be disposed of, even if it shows no damage. For more hints and tips go to:



Road safety research indicates that children under 10 are not able to make decisions to cross roads safely on their own. They need an adult to help them and hold their hand. For more hints and tips go to:



Children can easily become bored or unhappy when they go for a short or long ride in the car. When this happens you may find it hard to concentrate on your driving. Make sure your child has things to keep them busy – especially on long trips. For more hints and tips go to: