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Woodlupine Primary School is committed to ensuring students become effective 21st Century citizens. As such we engage in global citizenship initiatives (e.g. Days for Girls) digital citizenship projects (e.g. Lego Robotics) and encourage local citizenship.


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Makayla M          N/A                Emma A           Noah F


Mathematics Stars

Over the course of 2020 we have prioritised mental mathematics across the student population. We have developed a number of incentives to encourage students to learn basic numeracy facts. The following students have achieved Mr Phoebe's tables challenges:

6 x Table                                                       7 x Table                                              8 x Table                       

Year 6                                                            Year 6                                                  Declan (Current Record 11.27 sec)    

Shehan (Current Record 7.7 sec)                     Shehan  (Current Record 7.3 sec)               

Skye, Declan, Olivia, Kade                               Amelia Q-W, Declan, Harry and Declan                     

Taneka and Harry 


Year 5                                                            Year 1                                                  Year 5

Sukhpreet                                                       Rajveer                                                Sukhpreet 

Jenny and Jaslyn


Year 1



2 x Table                        3 x Table                           4 x Table                   5 x Table

Year 1                            Year 1                                Year 1                        Year 1

Rajveer                          Rajveer                              Rajveer                       Rajveer



Honour Certificates


7th: Chase, George, Karl, Holly, Daniel, Wade, Maddison, Nicholson, Laylah, Rhani, Ewan, Taj, Isaac, Cody, Amira. Photo 

Aussie of the Month: Laylah  Photo


2nd: Praise, Khloe, Lucas, Liam, Somaya, Myles, Gage, Tyler, Annabelle, Jake, Michael, Jett, Missy, Hunter, Jaslyn, Sahar, Shehan Photo

9th: Beau, Rhylee, Heidi, Elli-May, Rajveer, Seth, Amram, James, Liam, Trevon, Corey, Sadmir, Taneka, Jenny, Kade, Xavier Photo

15th: Blake, Kendall, Edward, Tremaine, Cyri-Layne, Arda, Indianna, Mahdia, Cara, Cody, Edzon, Skye, Emma, Mitchell, Mason Photo

22nd: Izabella, Mahalia, Owen, Jackson, Karl, Layla, Cyrus, Lily, Amira, Taleah, Marcus, Liam, Kaleb, Jylee, Lizzy  Photo

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