Days for Girls

Days for Girls


A 21st Century Citizenship Project


At Woodlupine Primary School, we believe awareness of global and intercultural issues allows students to better appreciate the views of others; a crucial step in developing into 21st century citizens. We expect students act for collective well-being.


Days for Girls (DfG) is a global movement that prepares and distributes sustainable menstrual health solutions to girls who would otherwise miss school during their monthly periods. The non-profit organization was founded in 2008 by American woman Celeste Mergens.


Days for Girls has reached more than one million women and girls in 125+ countries wi

th DfG Kits and menstrual health education. This translates into over 115 million days of dignity, health and opportunity!


The Woodlupine Days for Girls team was launched mid-2018 and includes a group of interested staff and school mums and has widened to include members of the local community. The group meets every fortnight on Wednesday mornings during the term and staff meet on school holidays. Members of the group perform a variety of tasks; sewing, cutting, tracing, ironing, threading ribbon and packing kits.


Our first 71 kits were sent to some of the islands in Indonesia in December 2018 and our next batch of 100 kits went to Laos in November 2019.



The girls in year 5 and 6 at Woodlupine attend a presentation showing the impact of Days for Girls around the world. It gives them an understanding of what it is like for girls living in poverty in different countries and the varied beliefs in other cultures. The girls are given the opportunity to assist members of the DfG group and realise that individuals can make a positive change.


For more information, visit the Days for Girls official website