Djilba Gallery

At Woodlupine Primary School we believe schooling in the 21st century is more than just NAPLAN results. While English and Maths remain our core business, we are trying to develop the whole child.

We also have a long-established focus on the arts. With two very experienced and enthusiastic specialist teachers we provide opportunities for students to develop their creative talents and imagination through our Visual Arts and Performing Arts programs.

To further support our Arts program, Woodlupine Primary School is pleased to have formed a community partnership with Hawaiian group. Through this partnership, our students will have new and exciting opportunities to demonstrate their skills and abilities.


To support our Arts program, Hawaiian awarded Woodlupine a grant to fully develop our Arts centre. We held the official opening of the Djilba Gallery on the 26th June, 2019.


Our school prides itself on the opportunities it provides to develop 21st century citizens. Through our STEM projects and Arts and Culture programs we believe we are developing the necessary skills values and knowledge base our students need in a rapidly changing world.


The Djilba Gallery opening was covered by the Southern Gazette – please see click on this link: